Meredith is an award-winning designer with over fifteen years of experience. She works in print, interaction, identity systems and motion. Meredith has worked as a designer, consultant and contractor on projects for non-profits and global corporations, including:

University of Southern California
Lear Corporation
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Young & Rubicam
XM Radio
Henry Ford Museum & Walt Disney Imagineering

Sudanese International Center for Peace & Diplomacy
Oregon ACLU

Meredith’s design practice emphasizes the following:
Research: The cornerstone of Meredith’s practice is in her research methods. Not only has she developed unique research methodologies and practices for clients, but she has also taught these methods (and various other aspects of design thinking) in the classroom.

Identity + Systems: Meredith is a systems thinker, she approaches design problems from a holistic perspective, and is capable of taking on projects that encompass multiple materials and executions. She has done this work for clients ranging from The Henry Ford Museum and Walt Disney Imagineering, to FIDM. As an example for the Media Arts+Practice Graduate Program at the University of Southern California, Meredith created a new visual language for the program. She then implemented her graphic identity in print materials (catalogs, posters, postcards), environmental graphics and web design. She was also responsible for the development of information architecture, wireframes, and color and type studies. Her photography was also used in the work.

Beautiful Aesthetics: Meredith is a formalist at heart, and her attention to form can be found in every piece she makes. Her formal skills include hand-lettering and the development of custom typefaces. She will frequently incorporate these letters into her projects, adding a level of uniqueness, as these typefaces are not commercially available.

Novel Problem-Solving: Meredith is an expert problem-solver. Her abilities to create novel and innovative solutions to problems find a home in her design practice, in her writing and in her teaching. Meredith gets frequent requests to meet with people who want the advice of an expert problem-solver.

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