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Meredith James received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2008. The program at Cranbrook is highly competitive and widely regarded as one of the best in the world. While pursuing her degree in 2-Dimensional Design (2D), she also studied coursework in Painting. Meredith’s practice has always been a hybrid and exploratory intersection of design and art, originating when she was a child, through high school and her undergraduate degree, up until today.

As a professional designer, Meredith has over 15 years of experience working with non-profits, in-house teams, studios and global agencies. She has done design work for companies such as: Young & Rubicam, Ford Motor Company, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Chrysler, University of Southern California, The Henry Ford Museum and Walt Disney Imagineering. As an experimental designer and contemporary artist, Meredith’s work has been exhibited at galleries across the US, from New Orleans to Detroit to Los Angeles.

As an educator, Meredith’s pedagogical focus is on theory and criticism. She has taught and developed coursework on these topics as well as design research, equity, history, failure, and design for well-being in the Graphic Design Program at Portland State University.

Meredith’s work can also be found in several books, notably: Baseline Shift, published by Princeton Architectural Press, and Ethics in Design and Communication published through Bloomsbury (London).  Meredith’s peer-reviewed papers and presentations have spanned both national and international audiences, she’s presented in Paris, Brighton (UK), Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.