I have been hand-lettering, designing typefaces, and illustrating graphics for many years now. Examples of my hand-lettering and illustration can be found in the various exhibitions I’ve shown my work in, the publications I’ve designed, and incorporated into client work as well.

I was classically trained in hand-lettering at Cranbrook Academy of Art, while studying under Elliott Earls and receiving guidance from visiting designers like David Cabianca. Not only can I hand letter, but I have developed full fonts to work with in my own projects. These fonts are not commercially available and so add a level of uniqueness to the projects I create.

Type and illustration are as much a matter of formal exploration as they are a matter of semiotics (the study of signs and their meaning) and modes of representation. As an educator, I also haveĀ  years of experience teaching these concepts and forms to students, helping them understand how visual language expresses and communicates.