My papers are now permanently archived through the Portland State University Library. They are also accessible via Google Scholar, and have been downloaded from South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Canada and the United States (among other countries).

The following is an abridged list of recent articles I have written and presentations I have given:

2017 | College Art Association
New York, NY

I gave a presentation at the 2017 CAA Conference on a panel on Ethics in Design. This panel is entirely crucial to the design discipline and is increasingly relevant in today’s cultural climate.

Presentation Title: “The Role of Ethics Online and Among Social Media Designers”

2016 | Design Research Society
Brighton, UK

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Design Research Society, a preeminent and global association for design research. I was honored to present my work at the conference, having made it through a highly rigorous and competitive double-blind process.

Presentation Title: “LIVD: An Avant-Garde Publication With Pedagogical and Epistemological Aims”
Paper: Available through DRS.

2016 | UCDA Design Education Summit
Kean University
Union, NJ

Presentation Title: “Teaching Theory, Research and Writing in Design”
Paper: Forthcoming

2016 | Annex Zine
Portland State University
Portland, Ore

Essay Title: “Once You Can Draw a Wolf, Draw a Mall Wolf”

2015 | Full Paper Acceptance, Presenter

LearnXDesign: The 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers and PreK-16 Design Educators
School of Art Institute (SAIC) Chicago
Chicago, IL

Paper and Presentation Title: “Design Thinking and the Individual: A Case Study”
Section: Design Education to Improve Life and the World
Moderator: Ingvild Digranes, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Global design education conference paper and presentation for K-16 educators.

Design Thinking is a methodology that designers use to solve problems, however, there are contextual questions that arise regarding who we solve problems for and to what end.

Citation: James, Meredith, “Design Thinking and the Internal: A Case Study,” in Zande, Robin Vande, Erik Bohemia, and Ingvild Digranes (Eds.). “Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers.” (2015), pages 485-499.

2015 | UCDA Design Education Summit
South Dakota State University
Presentation Title: “Design Thinking + Self-Awareness Bruce Lee”
Paper Title: “Design Thinking + Self-Awareness”

The paper presented at UCDA discusses how certain aspects of self-awareness (aspects that Bruce Lee exhibits in his own professional practice) can inform design thinking.

2015 | Society for Experiential Graphic Designers (SEGD) xChange
Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)
Presentation Title: “Self-Directed Studies – Designing Experience”

This presentation encompasses some self-driven projects by students at Portland State University, who work with EG.