As an award-winning designer with over fifteen years of experience in the field of communication design, my client list includes local non-profits, small studios, independent contractors and global agencies. My work exists at the cutting edge of the design discipline, I speak at global conferences, write papers, and present on design regularly. I also have a keen understanding of visual language and how meaning is conveyed, with projects ranging from identity systems, hand-lettering, print collateral, user interface, web, and research methodologies, to global brands.

My design practice emphasizes the following:

The cornerstone of my practice is in my research methods. Not only have I developed unique research methodologies and practices for clients, but I have also taught these methods (and various other aspects of design thinking) in the classroom at schools across the United States.

Visual Language
As an educator and a practitioner, I have a long history of decoding and encoding messages to convey meaning, along with a strong foundation in semiotics. That foundation translates to all sorts of implementations.

Identity + Systems
Understanding identity and the larger culture that an individual, organization, or non-profit exist within, is an integral aspect of design. Because I am a systems thinker, I am able to see this larger cultural landscape to identify problems and develop solutions. From mapping to brand creation, I have a keen ability to locate problems and solutions in ways that other designers do not.

My doors are always open for freelance work, please email me:

Select client list includes: University of Southern California, Sudanese-American International Center for Peace & Diplomacy, Art Center College of Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Young & Rubicam, and Organic, Inc. I create work for clients ranging from small, independent studios to global firms.

University of Southern California (MA+P) – Case Study
I created a variety of pieces for USC, that can largely be summed up as a full identity system and how that system is implemented across multiple media. For MA+P, I have created web design, information architecture, wireframes, photography, color, type and graphic elements for use in all materials.

Prior to their conversion to MA+P, I created a series of projects started a multi-year relationship with the Institute for Multimedia Literacy program at USC. This first year, I created a new identity for the program, along with various print materials to solidify and extend the identity, such as both Fall and Spring Course Catalogs, and a series of environmental graphics for their space.