As an award-winning designer with over fifteen years of experience in the field of communication design, Meredith’s client list includes local non-profits, small studios, independent contractors and global agencies. Her work exists at the cutting edge of the design discipline, she speaks at global conferences, writes papers, and presents on design regularly. She also has a keen understanding of visual language and how meaning is conveyed, with projects ranging from identity systems, hand-lettering, print collateral, user interface, web, and research methodologies, to global brands.

Her design practice emphasizes the following:

The cornerstone of Meredith’s practice is in her research methods. Not only has she developed unique research methodologies and practices for clients, but she has also taught these methods (and various other aspects of design thinking) in the classroom.

Visual Language
As an educator and a practitioner, Meredith has a long history of decoding and encoding messages to convey meaning, along with a strong foundation in semiotics. That foundation translates to all sorts of implementations.

Identity + Systems
Understanding identity and the larger culture that an individual, organization, or non-profit exist within, is an integral aspect of design. Because Meredith is a systems thinker, she is able to see this larger cultural landscape to identify problems and develop solutions. From mapping to brand creation, she has a keen ability to locate problems and solutions in ways that other designers do not.

Her doors are always open for freelance inquiries, please email her at:

Select client list includes: University of Southern California, Sudanese-American International Center for Peace & Diplomacy, Art Center College of Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Young & Rubicam, and Organic, Inc. She creates work for clients ranging from small, independent studios to global firms.

University of Southern California (MA+P) – Case Study
Meredith created a variety of pieces for USC, that can largely be summed up as a full identity system and how that system is implemented across multiple media. For Media Arts+Practices (MA+P), she created web design, information architecture, wireframes, photography, color, type and graphic elements for use in all materials.

Prior to their conversion to MA+P, Meredith also created a series of projects started a multi-year relationship with the Institute for Multimedia Literacy program at USC. That first year, she created a new identity for the program, along with various print materials to solidify and extend the identity, such as both Fall and Spring Course Catalogs, and a series of environmental graphics for their space.