Poster Series
A Slight Tendency Towards Violence

I create projects all the time that explore the boundary between art and design. These projects incorporate hand-lettering, research, strong concept, and beautiful explorations in form.

This aspect of my design work has been exhibited across the country. The “Nimbus” Series was exhibited at LACDA in Los Angeles and “I Tithonus” was exhibited at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. One of my motion graphics pieces was exhibited at Cinema Reset, through the New Orleans Film Society, and “Black Friday” was exhibited at Studio Couture in Detroit.

Pictured above is a series of work titled: A Slight Tendency Towards Violence. This series conceptually centers around suburban dystopia and the eastern concept of “ma” or a meaningful void. The full series can be viewed on Flickr here. This series was shown at Cranbrook, and was awarded through the Design Re:View (also in Detroit).